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    Welcome to the Vinyl Underground! We are a gallery for picture discs and colored vinyl records. Please take your time and enjoy the collection of nearly 200 picture discs and colored vinyl records.

    These discs are for display and educational purposes only.  They are currently not for sale.  We are rebuilding the site and will be adding content as time progresses.

    Use the tabs above(Picture Discs, Colored Vinyl, Shaped Discs, etc.) to navigate the many images displayed.  Feel free to offer comments and reviews.

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    We are not shipping.  But if we were to, the utmost care would be taken in the preparation for shipping.

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    Either by phone, email, or smoke signals, there is always a way to get a hold of us.

  • Payment

    We are not selling anything.  But if we were, there would be various arrangements available.

Flight13 Duplication Pressing Pic-discs

This is how picture discs are made.  You may want to turn the sound off for this video.