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     Welcome and enjoy the collection of

    picture discs and colored vinyl records.

    We are in the process of replacing all

    the old images of picture discs, with new.

    Soon, you will find larger sized images,

    along with the flip side and various photos 

    of interesting album covers and sleeves.

    New and interesting data about each disc 

    will also be expanded upon.

  • Artist: Accept Album: Accept Release Date: 1985 Catalog number: Metal Masters METALP 101 Comments: The image seen above is of the second side. This photo is called the "Chainsaw Lady". It is a more interesting graphic than the front side, which just depicts the band in a stand up pose. This picture disc was pressed in the United Kingdom.

  • Artist: Aerosmith Album: Greatest Hits Release Date: 1989 Catalog number:CBS UK 460703 8 Comments: This disc is a compilation of Aerosmith's greatest hits. It also is in commemoration of their 1989 European Tour. The album lists the dates and location of the tour on the back side.

  • Artist: Accept Album: Restless and Wild Release Date: 1985 Catalog number:Heavy Metal HMI PD6

  • Artist: The BeatlesAlbum: Sgt. Pepper's L.H.C.band Release Date: 1978Catalog number: Capitol/EMI SEAX-11840

  • Artist: Various ArtistsAlbum: More American GraffitiRelease Date:Catalog number: MCA

  • Artist: Asia Album: Asia Release Date: 1982 Catalog number: Geffen GEF 11-85577

  • Artist: BangAlbum: BangRelease Date: 2002Catalog number: Outlaw OLR-014

  • Artist: The Black Crowes Album: Jealous Again (12in.) Release Date: 1990 Catalog number: DEF/Amer. DEFAP 412

  • Artist: The Black Crowes Album:Twice as Hard Release Date: 1990 Catalog number: MCA DEFAP-712

  • Artist: Judas Priest Album: Love Bites Release Date: 1984 Catalog number:CBS AS99 1851

  • Artist: Boston Album: Boston Release Date: 1976 Catalog number:Epic E99-34188

  • Artist: AC/DC Album: If You Want Blood Release Date: 1978(?) Catalog number: Atlantic PLP7567 81553-2

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