Meat Loaf – Bat out of Hell 2

Meat Loaf, Bat out of Hell 2 Picture Disc
Artist: Meat Loaf
Album: Bat Out Of Hell 2
Release Date: 1993
Catalog number: Virgin VP 2710 7243-8-39067-0-3

Meat Loaf, Bat out of Hell 2 Picture Disc
The disc is available in a 10 or a 11 track version. Each disc is individually numbered. Manufactured in the United Kingdom for the U.S. and European markets.

Meat Loaf, Bat out of Hell 2 Picture Disc
The appearance of the numbered pic-disc and die cut jacket.

That’s Underground – Various Artists

That's Underground Picture Disc

Artist: Various
Album: That’s Underground
Release Date: late 60’s
Catalog number:CBS SPR 23

That's Underground Picture Disc

This is another version of “That’s Underground”, that is found in the library of the Vinyl Underground. One can easily notice the color differences between the two discs. Simply stunning!

That's Underground Picture Disc

Printed and pressed in Germany, this disc contains the sounds of various artists including “The Electric Flag”, “Spirit”, “Moby Grape”, “Big Brother and the Holding Company” (featuring Janis Joplin), and more.

That's Underground Picture Disc

Kiss – Solo Albums

Kiss, Gene Simmons Picture Disc

Artist: Gene Simmons
Album: Gene Simmons
Release Date: 1978
Catalog number: Casablanca NBPIX-7120

Gene is the bassist and co-founder of the group. The album is chock full of guest artist such as Bob Seeger, Joe Perry and Rick Nelson to name a few. This album was the biggest hit of the four solo efforts reaching #22 in the charts. This album was released commercially with a pressing of around 30,000 discs. Japanese version released as VIPD-2

Kiss, Ace Frehley Picture Disc

Artist: Ace Frehley (Kiss)
Album: Ace Frehley
Release Date: 1978
Catalog number: Casablanca NBPIX-7121

Ace is the lead guitarist for the group. This album was one of four solo efforts from Kiss. This album was available commercially with a initial pressing of around 30,000. These discs are highly sought after, and will contain a asking price of $30.00 to $50.00(dollars) each. The Japanese version of this disc (Casa. VIPD 3), will cost nearly double this amount.

Kiss, Paul Stanley Picture Disc

Artist: Paul Stanley
Album: Paul Stanley
Release Date: 1978
Catalog number: Casablanca NBPIX-7123

Paul performs as the rhythm guitarist for the group. All four solo albums were released on the same day in October of 78′. They were then re-issued in 1987 under the catalog prefix of “NBLPP”. This album had a production of around 25,000 copies.

Kiss, Peter Criss Picture Disc

Artist: Peter Criss
Album: Peter Criss
Release Date: 1978
Catalog number: Casablanca NBPIX-7122

Peter Criss was hired as the drummer for “Kiss” after Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley spotted an advertisement in Rolling Stone magazine that Criss had placed. This album had a production of around 30,000 copies. The four solo picture discs were also produced in Japan. The Japanese versions are generally very hard to locate and ultra expensive.