Frazetta – Various Artists

Frazetta, Various Artists Picture Disc
Artist: Various
Album: Frazetta
Release Date: 2016
Catalog number: Metal Blade Records 39842-50231-1

Frazetta, Various Artists Picture Disc

Contains 10 different selections from the folks at Metal Blade Records. Below are the groups and the selections that they play.

  • Armored Saint – Dropping Like Flies
  • Lizzy Borden – Give ‘Em the Axe
  • Bitch – Live For the Whip
  • Cirith Ungol – Frost and Fire
  • Nasty Savage – Stabbed in the Back

Side B

  • Brimstone Coven – Slow Death
  • Mirror – Heavy King
  • Below – Ghost of a Shepherd
  • Ram – Eyes of the Night
  • Twitching Tongues – Sacrifice in E

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