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Jeff Bender has been an avid collector of vinyl recordings for over 40 years. His interest started while employed as a manager for several retail record chains located in the state of Maryland. He further enhanced his knowledge while hosting a "Rock and Roll" show for WGTB-FM out of Washington, D.C. As a hobby, he is currently the Webmaster for several music related websites which includes the Vinyl Underground.

Meat Loaf – Dead Ringer

Meat Loaf, Dead Ringer Picture Disc
Artist: Meat Loaf
Album: Dead Ringer
Release Date: 1981
Catalog number: Epic EPC 11 83645Meat Loaf, Dead Ringer Picture Disc
Featuring Cher on the title track, this album composed by Jim Steinman, produced by Todd Rundgren, and performed by Meat Loaf, went to the top of the charts in the United Kingdom.

This copy of “Dead Ringer” was pressed in the U.K. An American version was also pressed on the Epic label and distributed “promotionally”.

Guns N’ Roses – Appetite for Destruction

Guns N Roses, Appetite for Destruction Picture Disc

Artist: Guns N’Roses
Album: Appetite For Destruction
Release Date: 1987
Catalog number: Geffen 24148

Guns N Roses, Appetite for Destruction Picture Disc
This was the debut album for Guns N’Roses. It went on to sell over 20 million copies and established Guns N’Roses as a major force within the Metal scene. This disc displays the controversial cover of a woman being raped by a robot. Because of the uproar, the image was quickly replaced with another.

This record was printed and pressed in Mexico and is very difficult to acquire.

Jimi Hendrix – Red House

Jimi Hendrix, Red House Picture Disc
Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Album: Red House
Release Date:Unknown
Catalog number:Unknown

Jimi Hendrix, Red House Picture Disc

Side B


Printed and pressed in the United Kingdom.

A product of the United Kingdom, this album contains songs from Hendrix’s early years. In addition to “Red House” you will find “Uranus Rock”, “Room Full Of Mirrors” and “Let Me Go”.

The LP includes a color booklet with Hendrix and other performers. From all appearances, this album is “unauthorized”.