These are questions, that are submitted by you and general information offered by the Vinyl Underground.

1. What is the difference between black records and colored vinyl?

Raw, pure, poly vinyl chloride(PVC), which is occasionally used(in it’s pure form) for pressing records, starts out clear in color.  What is often done, is the addition of a pigment or colored vinyl to  the pressing process.  This will result in a look that ranges from something aesthetically pleasing  to something wild and colorful.

The addition of “carbon black” to the process will result in added strength, longevity and an overall improvement in sound and appearance(debatable).  The vast majority of audiophile recordings are heavier in weight and black in appearance.

There is an ongoing debate on the advantages of clear verses colored verses carbon black vinyl in the pressing of vinyl records.

2. What is the origin of the name, the Vinyl Underground?

The name originates from a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal show on the FM and hosted by Jeff Bender. The “gig” lasted for a couple of years (1977-79) and centered in the Washington, DC area.

Towards the latter part of the 1990’s, Jeff used HTML and Java Script(then PHP), to create a number of websites that were record and music related. Two of the more popular sites that Jeff created were the Record Collectors Guild and the Vinyl Underground.

3. You had many more discs 6 months ago than you do now. What gives?

Yes, you are correct. We did display more picture discs with the Prestashop program. We decided, to employ the WordPress program for various reasons. We are in the process of updating, and for the next several months, we will be adding many more pic-discs at this location. For now, the site looks best with a screen size of 1280×768. Kindly bear with us.

4. Are any of theses records for sale?

No, the records that are found at the website of the Vinyl Underground, are not for sale. These discs, are part of the vinyl record collection owned by Jeff Bender and are displayed for the enjoyment of pic-disc collectors and the general audience to this site.

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